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The Bicycle Accident Attorneys Network

Ben Dodge in Nice, France
Ben Dodge – Bicycle Lawyer

BIKE ACCIDENT ATTORNEYS NETWORK, LLC, is a national network of the most incredible and independent bicycle accident attorneys in the country! Formally founded in January of 2019 by Arizona Bicycle Accident Lawyer Ben Dodge, and co founded by Bicycle Accident Lawyer Daniel Flanzig out of New York. Ben focuses his practice solely on representing cyclists. There are very few attorneys who only practice bicycle law. Mr. Dodge and Mr. Flanzig saw the need for more professional representation and protection of cyclists throughout the country. Their resolution resulted in founding and organizing a national network of independent lawyers focused on cyclists: the Bike Accident Attorneys Network, LLC. Bike Accident Attorneys now unites excellent bicycle lawyers all in one website.
Our national network of bicycle crash lawyers are cyclists first then attorneys. We understand that bicycle cases are NOT normal personal injury cases. The law, the legal system, and the insurance industry can be unforgiving and even biased against cyclists. With years of experience in bicycle specific cases, and personal cycling backgrounds, our attorneys are the cyclist’s best choice.

The laws and rules which regulate the bicycle community are in need of much help throughout the country. Our attorneys are proudly engaged in advocacy work to help improve these laws on behalf of cyclists throughout the country.

Our representation is focused on helping the cyclist in every way. We work with the investigation of the accident and the police to help identify what really happened and who is really at fault, we help you quickly get the real value for your bicycle so you can get out and ride again, we help you understand and navigate the medical treatment process and billing issues, we powerfully negotiate with the insurance companies and protect you from their attempts to undersell your claim, and ultimately we file a law suit if necessary and go to trial.

Our clients are not just clients—they are fellow cyclists. There is deep understanding, compassion, and great personal care taken by the attorneys on every bike crash case because our bicycle crash lawyers know and understand what its like to be a cyclist. They know your rights as a cyclist. They understand the frustrations cyclists have towards negligent drivers. The bike accident attorneys at this firm are still riding their bikes, still competing in bike races and triathlons. They are actively involved in the bicycle community locally and nationally to stay in tune with recent legal developments. We proudly stand up for cyclists through our sponsorship of non profit organizations dedicated to improving the safety of cyclists.

Our attorneys regularly provide pro-bono legal services to bicycle clubs and teams regarding all things insurance, organizational and business structure, bicycle safety, local advocacy, volunteer efforts and support for local races, and more. We often speak throughout the country at bike clubs, team meetings, advocacy summits, and more. If you would like us to visit your club, team, or advocacy group contact us today. We would be delighted to come visit with you and share our experience and knowledge. Our presentations are fun and engaging.

A little bit more about our founders:

About Ben Dodge…

Ben Dodge

Ben Dodge is an 8 time Ironman competitor and extreme endurance cyclist. Racing locally and nationally, Ben has seen much of America’s highways and roadways via his bicycle. In June of 2016 Ben was one of 9 finishers in the awesome 930.4 non stop bicycle race across the west (the Race Across the West). Finishing in approximately 86 hours he rode his bicycle non stop from Oceanside CA, to Durango, Co. This incredible experience has qualified him for the full 3,034 mile non stop race across America (the Race Across America). He has qualified to race RAAM as a soloist and plans to do so in 2020. Ben also raced in the first ever Race Across France in 2018. It is a 1500+ mile non stop bicycle race. It is the French version of RAAM. He and his teammate raced a two man team and finished in 3rd place. In June of 2019 Ben Dodge and a teammate will be racing in the Race Across America on a 2 man team. This race is 3,100 miles non stop from Oceanside Ca, to Annapolis MD. Ben literally knows what it is like to ride a bicycle. Ben also founded a national racing team to bring more cycling awareness to the streets. Competitive cyclists from across the country all license up and race under the Bike Accident Attorneys team in bright neon gear. It is hard to miss them! Every time a teammate rides in the team kits they bring more awareness to motorists about the presence of cyclists.

In addition to his ultra cycling, Ben is a certified NITA Trial Advocate with advanced training and experience in high stakes court room litigation skill and techniques. He has litigated countless bike crash cases and is a regular in the court room. Ben has been protecting cyclists since 2006. He made the decision in January of 2013 to take his personal injury experience and dedicate it solely to bicycle accident victims. He founded an entire law firm with one purpose: Representing Cyclists. His firm and this national network exists to aggressively and effectively represent injured cyclists in and throughout the United States. Headquartered in Arizona (great cycling weather all year long!), Ben affiliates with attorneys nationally to insure that cyclists across the U.S. have access to his knowledge and experience. With a firm entirely dedicated and focused on protecting the rights of cyclists and bicycle accident victims, Ben has turned his job into his passion.

About Daniel Flanzig…

Daniel Flanzig – Bicycle Lawyer
Daniel Flanzig – Bicycle Lawyer

With over 20 years of experience in competitive cycling and in the court room, Daniel has established himself as one of the top bike crash attorneys in the Country. He has competed in over 25 Duathlons, 2 New York City Marathons, 6 New York City ½ marathons and has logged tens of thousands of miles on the New York City Streets. Spending this much time on the road has made him well aware of the vulnerability that road users face just trying to go out for a weekend ride. In the Court room Daniel has earned the respect of his colleagues resulting in the designation as a “New York Super Lawyer,” an honor he has held since 2007. The results he has obtained for his clients has granted him access to both the “Million Dollar Advocates Forum” and “Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum” for the seven figure settlements and verdicts he has secured for his clients. In the advocacy world, Daniel is a member of the Board of Directors of the New York Bicycle Coalition where he also serves as the Coalition’s legal advisor. Bicycle Times Magazine has named him a leader in Bicycle Law. On week nights you can find him at a New York City bike shop or Long Island cycling club giving talks about Bike Law in New York. Daniel has recently partnered with Bike NY, the country’s largest Bike Education Organization to offer a series of Bike Education programs around New York City targeted to the City’s unique cycling culture which spans from food and delivery workers to competitive cyclists. Together with his co-founder Ben Dodge, they offer a unique approach to bike crash representation. Lawyers who ride just like you, but who have also show that same dedication, strength, and veracity in the court room as well.


I was referred to Ben and his firm when I was hit by a car. Before I hired him as my attorney, Ben spent an enormous amount of time with me both answering my questions, as well as making sure I was comfortable with the process, timelines, and possible outcomes. Throughout the case I was given timely status reports and updates on the discussions from both sides. Not only was the service provided top notch, but Ben himself is a pleasure to work with. If this is ever something you find yourself in need of, there is no better place to go than BAA.
Brian S. Avatar
Brian S.
Bike Accident Attorneys is a fantastic law firm dedicated to cyclists! Ben Dodge will go above and beyond to make sure everything you need is taken care of. He is one of the kindest and most honest people I've ever had the honor of knowing. In addition he is a cyclist just like us and knows our mindset and needs. I highly recommend contacting Ben before you do anything else if you are in the unfortunate circumstance of needing help if something happens to you on a ride.
Charles B. Avatar
Charles B.
Unfortunately 1 year ago I was in a very bad bicycle accident and also took out some of my fellow riders. Fortunately though Ben from Bike Accident Attorneys was on that same bike ride and what a blessing that was for me and those that were also involved. Him and his staff were amazing and so helpful with everything. He was a tremendous help and the greatest thing was not only was I represented professionally, but I gained a close friend and riding teammate. Thank you Ben and to your wonderful staff!
Kristi R. Avatar
Kristi R.