Truck Crash

Trucks and tractor-trailers continue to be a danger to cyclists causing countless deaths each year. Although commerce continues to demand delivery of goods in our Cities and Towns, many of the operators of these large vehicles fail to operate them safely causing serious injury or death. These dangers continue to be caused by the failure of the trucks to pass at a safe distances or more commonly, by turning across traffic and failing to yield the lawful right of way of a cyclist.

Each State as well as Federal regulations govern the use and operation of trucks and tractor-trailers on our highways. Certain streets prohibit operation on the roadway or restrict length of vehicles that can travel. The purpose of these limitations is to protect vulnerable road users such as cyclists from the dangers these trucks and tractor-trailers can cause. Trucking crashes and accidents with cyclists are among the most deadly roadway accidents. Handling trucking accidents cases can be complex. This is due to the state and federal laws governing the trucking industry, together with the various trucking companies and insurance companies which may be involved. Our attorneys are experienced in these matters, which often involve catastrophic injuries.

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