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Each kit is custom ordered and made for you. While the team store is “always open” we do not actually carry much, if any, kits in stock. We submit approximately 3 kit orders per year. All kit orders purchased through the team store prior to the next cut off date get collected and sent over in one batch to our manufacturer the day after the cut off date. All orders submitted after the cut off date will be collected, held onto, and then submitted with the next batch on the next cut off order date.

From the date we close the team store and submit your order it is usually about a 6-8 week turn around time. Plan accordingly.

Here are the cut off dates and approx delivery dates for our batch orders for the next season:

Cut Off: June 19th 2022 | Approx. Delivery: August 2022

Here at Bike Accident Attorneys, we have created our very own private label line of cycling apparel. This apparel is manufactured and produced by the best in the world. Our manufacturer also makes the Tinkoff Saxo kits, and other notable pro teams. These kits are made with exclusive and top of the line imported Italian fabrics. The bibs are made with an absolutely top of the line chamois. Seriously – these chamois ROCK! We did this to ensure our team and club members have the best possible apparel and only ever have to pay direct cost for them. We love our team and love providing them exceptional apparel. #BAARACING

NOTE: Please note that there are specific times when the team store is “OPEN”. These times are specifically announced. If you order at a time when the team store is not open then you are back ordering something. If your order is on BACK ORDER then you will be notified when your order finally arrives in our office from our manufacturer. We custom make our line of BAA Racing apparel and submit batch orders to our manufacturer several times per year. Back ordered goods are those ordered in between our batch orders. We do not carry very much in stock. Our timeline to receiving our goods is about 6 weeks from the date we submit an order. We announce through the team app and FB when we open the store and submit orders. Thank you for your understanding.

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