Is My Electric Scooter Legal?

You might be surprised that your electric scooter most likely has the same laws and rules as your typical bicycle. Electric scooters have recently become popular because they are low-carbon, cheap, and efficient means of transportation for commuters and joy seekers worldwide. But it has also created some issues including sidewalk congestion, traffic obstruction, and accidents. This has caused a need for States to implement laws and guidelines to enforce safety and responsible for scooter riders and the general public. However, we have already seen instances of law enforcement inappropriately citing people for riding their electric scooter on sidewalks here in Arizona.

Bicycle Crash Lawyer Ben Dodge

Basic Steps to Your Personal Injury Case – Case Timeline/Map

Ever wonder what the process is for your personal injury case? Every want to know what the actual steps are to your personal injury case? Here is the basic outline of the process and steps to a personal injury case. These steps form a sort of case map and/or case timeline you can follow with your personal injury attorney. The …

Bicycle Crash Lawyer Ben Dodge

What Do You Do In a Bike Crash?

As a cyclist and bicycle crash lawyer, here are the best things you should do and know in case you are ever involved in a bike crash. With what appears to be record numbers of bicycle crashes and more and more people riding bikes, it seems important to review what every cyclist should know from a legal perspective about hi/her …