2022/2023 BAA Kits!

The 2022/2023 BAA Racing Team Kit closely resembles the previous BAA kit concept in that the bibs can be worn with a choice of 5 different jersey color options.Everything about the 20223 kit was intended to be a “less is more” style. Colors are solid. Sponsor elements are more muted and smaller so they actually appear better and in a more subtle way. During the design phase of this kit Ben Dodge was calling it the “Vader”. It started out with the sleek all black version of the kit, then followed with 4 other color choices: Black, Grey, White, Neon High Vis, and Pink.

Additional Changes are the more sleek and aerodynamic feel of a collarless jersey. We sampled these in some of our last edition. 100% of the feedback was positive and that change is now official in all of jerseys in this edition. Made with the most incredible material we have found in Italy, these kits breathe and breathe some more. No hesitation in wearing this kit in the dead of summer. The fabrics, chamois, and materials are top quality pro tour teams as in the past. Sizing is the same as in the past. This is a BAA branded kit through our own apparel company Ben created for his team to be able to buy top quality kits for a fraction of the price. A similar kit is easily a minimum of $250 anywhere else (and that is usually just the bibs). Ben’s kits are always sold at cost to his team and the general cycling public who want o buy one. BAA cycling gear is meant for everyone- not just the BAA team. Grab your BAA kitand go enjoy a bike ride!

The Chamois Pad: The chamois pad is comparable to the famous Assos pads. As we did in the past several editions of the kit, this edition will also offer exclusively the endurance chamois pad. The Endurance chamois is more comfortable over longer periods of riding and provides you with the support you need for both short and long distance cycling goals. There are no cycling shorts options, just bibs.

2022 BAA Racing Team Kit Front View
2022 BAA Racing Team Kit Back View

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