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RAAM: Race Across America

We are grateful for our 2019 RAAM sponsors! What an incredible journey we are taking together. Huge shout out to our sponsors. Get to know them more here and see how amazing their products and services really are!

Our BAA RAAM team is blessed to be sponsored by Ben Dodge of Bike Accident Attorneys, Daniel Flanzig of New York Bike Lawyers, Paraic McGlynn of Cyclologic, and Anna Sparks of Sparks Systems. Each of these sponsors are people of great integrity and we are proud to partner with them for this epic race. They are each cyclists and have business that benefit cyclists. We love them and love their contribution to the cycling community. This world is a better place because of their selfless efforts to make it better.

Become a Sponsor

Dear Potential Sponsor,

As a BAA RAAM Sponsor you will enjoy significant media exposure through the World’s Toughest Bicycle Race. RAAM offers incredible media exposure: “Fans from all over the world follow RAAM. They can stay up to date on the web with live GPS tracking, through the bi-monthly RAAM Newsletter, race blogs, social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and traditional mainstream media (television, radio and print) . Additionally, RAAM has at least four of its own media crews on the course providing up-to-date video, photo and text coverage. Race coverage statistics: Annually, RAAM receives: 25+ million page views and 2500+ articles in mainstream media. This coverage provides substantial value to both sponsors and charities.” (Source:

We will document all of our training leading up to the event as well as a full documentary film of our race. All of our sponsors will “feel the love” from us as we crush this race together. We look forward to partnering with you. For more information and a sponsorship packet, email Ben at


Ben Dodge & Tom Liddell

Title Sponsor

Integra Medical

Integra Medical

Advanced Healthcare Without Harmful Side Effects

Integra Medical is a professional medical center serving the health needs of Gilbert AZ..

Many people suffer from symptoms of poor health, excess weight, back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue and more. Every symptom is actually a signal from the body that points toward an underlying (often hidden) health issue.

Our medical and professional staff know how to read these signals. We alleviate the unwanted symptoms by discovering the underlying causes. Once the cause of a condition is handled medically, the symptoms vanish and the person is restored to natural health and vitality.

Dr. Brice Neff is the owner and founder of Integra Medical. The mission at Integra Medical is: have a massive positive effect on the community by helping as many patients as possible find much-needed relief from nagging, chronic, and often debilitating pain. Dr. Neff is a Chiropractor who received his degree as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis Missouri. He loves working at Integra Medical because of the integration of general medicine, rehabilitation, and Chiropractic. Dr. Neff and the Integra Medical team have successfully treated patients who suffer from auto accident injuries, chronic pain, headaches, TMJ pain, migraines, joint pain, back pain, and sciatica, just to name a few. Dr. Neff loves working in a team setting at Integra Medical because it allows a much more complete solution for patient care.

While at Logan College of Chiropractic, Dr. Neff also earned his bachelor’s degree of science in human biology. He is board certified in chiropractic, acupuncture, and (PMMTP) Physical Medicine Modalities and Therapeutic Procedures. Dr. Neff is dedicated to helping people find pain relief by combining chiropractic care and innovative technology and working hand in hand with medical providers to give the best care possible. His philosophy at Integra Medical is to ensure that patients receive the attention and customized care to help them live their healthiest and most fulfilling life.

The cutting-edge treatments at Integra Medical rely on evidence-based science and best practices, and perhaps most importantly, they provide minimally invasive solutions for the toughest problems. Some of the treatments at Integra Medical include stem cell therapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, joint injections, trigger point injections — to name just a few.

Dr. Neff loves enjoying time with his beautiful wife and 5 children. He loves camping, wake boarding, going to the sand dunes, cycling, and driving anything fast. Dr. Neff even completed the advanced driving course at Bob Bondourant School of High Performance Driving, making him eligible to obtain his racing license. Before college Dr. Neff spent 2 years in Italy serving a full time mission for his church. Dr. Neff has performed decades of service as a leader for the Boy Scouts of America, and in various leadership positions in his church.

Major Sponsor

Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC

Bike Accident Attorneys • National Network

Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC is an Arizona bicycle crash a law firm formally founded in January of 2013 by Bicycle Accident Lawyer Ben Dodge. Ben focuses his practice solely on representing cyclists. There are very few attorneys who only practice bicycle law. In 2015, Ben saw the need for more professional representation of cyclists throughout the country. His resolution resulted in founding and organizing a national network of independent lawyers focused on representing cyclists: the Bike Accident Attorneys Network, LLC.

Our representation is focused on helping the cyclist in every way. We work with the investigation of the accident and the police to help identify what really happened and who is really at fault, we help you quickly get the real value for your bicycle so you can get out and ride again, we help you understand and navigate the medical treatment process and billing issues, we powerfully negotiate with the insurance companies and protect you from their attempts to undersell your claim, and ultimately we file a law suit if necessary and go to trial.

Our clients are not just clients – they are fellow cyclists. There is deep understanding, compassion, and great personal care taken by the attorneys on every bike crash case because our bicycle crash lawyers know and understand what its like to be a cyclist. They know your rights as a cyclist. They understand the frustrations cyclists have towards negligent drivers. The bike accident attorneys at this firm are still riding their bikes, still competing in bike races and triathlons. They are actively involved in the bicycle community locally and nationally to stay in tune with recent legal developments. We proudly stand up for cyclists through our sponsorship of non profit organizations dedicated to improving the safety of cyclists.

Supporting Sponsors

New York Bike Lawyers

New York Bike Lawyers

Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP is a nationally recognized law firm representing the rights of seriously injured cyclists and their families. We are avid cyclists and safe street advocates with a combined 62 years of experience litigating on behalf of seriously injured crash victims in New York.

Partner Daniel Flanzig serves on the Board of Directors and is a legal advisor to the New York Bicycling Coalition, New York’s only statewide bicycle advocacy group. He has authored numerous articles and frequently lectures on bicycle litigation in New York. Daniel has been featured in both The New York Times and Bicycle Times Magazine for his work as a leading Bicycle Law Advocate and a New York Bike Crash Lawyer.

With offices in both New York City and Long Island, we are able to represent cyclists, pedestrians, and other crash victims throughout the New York Metropolitan area. We are and remain a leader in the safe streets movement working everyday to make New York a better and safer place to ride and walk.

In addition to representing cyclists, our firm has obtained record setting results as seen in The Top 25 Settlements in the State of New York* for the victims of motorcycle accidents and pedestrian crashes.



Cyclologic is your source for cycling analysis solutions. Whether you are an industry giant looking for tools to refine and develop your products, a bike retailer wanting education and materials to better serve your customers, or a local cyclist looking for a bike shop to call your own, Cyclologic is here for you.

We develop world class technology, educational programs, and retail solutions for the cycling industry, and the individual cyclist. Both aspects of our business are located in a dedicated – first of its kind – independent training & retail facility in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona.

For The Cyclist

Cyclologic offers individualized cycling analysis and bike fitting services to help you perfect your efficiency and to increase your power, endurance and enjoyment on the bike. We also have a world class bike shop stocked with great brands like Trek, Parlee and Orbea, and a service center unlike anything you have experienced before. If you are interested in our fitting services, service department, or bike shop, please contact us at any time.

For Bike Shops

Cyclologic offers comprehensive, industry leading training on cycling analysis that can give you a decisive edge in your market. We have partnered with industry leaders  and innovators like MOTIONMETRICDartfishgebioMized and Purely Custom to develop the best analytical tools available, and we can customize those tools for your individual needs. For more information, please call 480-699-5358.

For Our Business Customers

We offer comprehensive, multi level development services and cutting edge technology to enhance all aspects of the fitting experience. Our B2B services focus on providing solutions for  bicycle manufacturers, professional cycling teams, and medical professionals who want to expand or improve the services they offer their client and customers. For more information, please call 480-699-5358.

Cyclologic’s team of experienced medical, biomechanical, retail and business professionals look forward to elevating the cycling industry’s approach to fit.

Fundamental Sponsors

K. Lund Mechanical

K. Lund Mechanical

K Lund Mechanical founded by an avid cyclist Kelly Lund – has been providing heating, air conditioning and ventilation services to the Salt Lake City with more than 30 years of combined experience. Their service experts are trained and certified to exceed your expectations by delivering quality and honest work. They are family owned and operated, which means they know how important the comfort of your own family is, and they truly believe a comfortable home is a happy home.

They specialize in home and commercial modifications, repairs and maintenance. In addition to your typical HVAC needs, they also provide service to basements, remodels, new home builds, interior and exterior gas piping, humidifiers and air purifiers. They work with the best brands to ensure your service meets the quality and results that they demand.

Contact them for a complimentary service quote from their friendly professionals.

We are proud to know Kelly Lund and his integrity goes unmatched!

Sparks Systems

Sparks Systems

Nutrition. Movement. Breath.

Sparks Systems’ scientific approach to nutrition and training will empower you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals. By utilizing metabolic testing to pinpoint your exact nutritional and exercise needs, we will help you will achieve your healthiest self.

Sparks Systems utilizes running, cycling, and/or resting metabolic testing to pinpoint inefficiencies in both training and nutrition.  Addressing these inefficiencies enables maximum return on investment.

Metabolic Testing

Most people have heard the term “VO2 max testing” when looking for a determinate of overall fitness or fitness potential. Maximum Volume of Oxygen (VO2 max) refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that can be consumed during exercise by working muscles. During a metabolic test, much more can be determined about an individual’s physiology than VO2 max alone. While VO2 max refers to the size of a person’s “engine,” it is not a good indicator of an individual’s efficiency which, at the end of the day, is the most important component of training and nutrition plans.

The results from a client’s Sparks Systems metabolic test serve dual purposes: 1. to help our coaches determine heart rate training zones to increase overall aerobic fitness, and 2. to help our registered dietician accurately modify daily nutrition to address any/all inefficiencies.

Sparks Nutrition is provided by a Registered Dietician/Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist™ to guide clients towards health, wellness and fitness by modifying daily and sports nutrition to promote metabolic efficiency. Metabolic efficiency is a key component to optimizing blood sugar and insulin levels, burning more body fat and having a leaner body, decreasing body inflammation, boosting your body’s ability to heal and recover, increasing overall energy and strength, decreasing injury and risk of chronic disease, and improving athletic performance.

Sparks Nutrition focuses on your unique, individual physiology and creates an easy to follow, specific, nutrition plan utilizing whole, unrefined, non-processed, delicious foods while considering your lifestyle, health, age, gender, body composition, and goals. It is optimal to meet once per month for the first 3 months to allow for greater modification and success. As with most behavior and health goals, they can take a bit to reach. Nutrition modifications require patience, practice, and consistency. Your appointments can be conveniently done via phone or in-person.

Sparks Nutrition will empower you to create your health and wellness future!

Sparks Systems Coaching

Our QUALITY over quantity approach to training helps eliminate countless “junk” miles to provide the greatest return on investment. The results from a client’s metabolic testing serve two purposes: 1. as the foundation for creating individualized training plans to address the client’s inefficiencies in both training and daily nutrition. 2. as the guide for teaching the body how to tap into the proper energy systems during exercise.

All Sparks Systems clients receive an account with Training Peaks, one of the premiere software training programs on the market for competitive athletes. At Sparks Systems, Training Peaks serves as the platform for uploading daily training sessions and analyzing training data. At the same time, helping clients achieve their goals extends well beyond top-of-the-line software, which is why our coaches work closely with athletes via phone, email, and text to ensure a quality working relationship.

Sparks Systems clients include both elite and novice athletes. While many of our athletes are training to race, we welcome anyone who is is seeking to learn more or simply enhance their quality of life.