Look Before You Open — It May Save a Life

The “door zone” is the space of 2-4 feet adjacent to parallel parked, double parked, or stopped cars. While cycling in the “door zone,” a cyclist can suffer a severe injury or even death if a door is suddenly opened into their path of travel. “Doorings” are all too common and make up a large percentage of our attorney’s cycling crash practices. When choosing a lawyer to handle a “dooring” crash case, your lawyer should not only be a cyclist, but should also be familiar with the laws and strategies used in litigating this type of crash. Not all personal injury lawyers have this knowledge and experience. Each State, City or Municipality has laws and regulations that prohibit opening a car door into traffic. Certain places like New York have both a State statute and local municipal codes that prohibit this conduct. Our bike crash attorneys have successfully litigated across the Country with stellar outcomes for their clients in their communities. If you have been involved in a dooring crash, contact one of our attorneys to see if they can help you get the justice you deserve.