Our attorneys at Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC maintain close professional relationships with other attorneys and law firms throughout all of Arizona, Utah, as well as nationwide. We recognize the value in referrals and in a strong reputation. Our firm is built on principles of trust, integrity, honesty, and excellent legal representation. These principles have led our firm to be built on a foundation of referrals. We appreciate and recognize the trust other lawyers and law firms place in us at Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC.

Referrals come to our office for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we receive referrals because the practicing attorney or law firm sending us the referral doesn’t practice Personal Injury and especially doesn’t focus that practice on bike accidents. Many times there are referrals because the other attorneys do not take cases to trial and only prefer to settle them out if possible and refer to us when the case needs to be litigated at trial.

We understand that sometimes the referring attorney or law firm prefers to maintain a significant role of involvement in the case they are referring while others are more comfortable with a lesser role. No matter the reason or source of the referral cases are referred to Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC without hesitation or reservation and in total confidence due to the incomparable professionalism, excellent legal representation, and sincere care we express for our clients. In every scenario Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC shares fees with such attorneys or firms with strict adherence to the Arizona and Utah Rules of Professional Conduct, specifically but not limited to Ethical Rule 1.5 and 5.4 in both Jurisdictions.

If you have an injury case you would like to refer to our office, or require our assistance in an ongoing matter you are already dealing with, please call us to discuss how we can help.