BAA Racing – Weight Loss Challenge


Join the 2017 BAA Racing weight loss challenge. Regardless of how much you want to lose to get into race shape for 2017, do it with us! Cash prize distributed among top 3 winners of total % weight lost.

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The 2017 BAA Racing Weight Loss Challenge

Lets “Ring in the New Year” with a bang! Time to shed some holiday and winter pounds.

Last year was so successful we are at it again. No matter how much you want to lose to get ready for the 2017 season, join us in our group challenge to find that extra but of motivation. Collectively we are stronger. The more people who join the more CASH to give away. Besides, based on a total % weight loss it is the skinny guys we have to worry about winning this thing! That’s right, a skinny guy losing only 5lbs may be the same as a bigger guy losing 25lbs.

The Rules

The rules are simple. Here they are:

  1. Anyone can play. Do not have to be a member of the BAA club or team. We support weight loss across the board and are happy to encourage anyone on this journey.
  2. Pay $25 to play for your chance to win the pot.
  3. The combined pot of money will be disbursed among the top 3 winners! That is the 3 people who lost the most weight based on a total weight loss %. (I.e. Joe Shmo weighs in at 220lbs at the start. He finishes at 200 lbs. He lost 20lbs. But the number we care about is what percent of 220 is 20. Joe Shmo lost 9.1% of his total weight). The highest 3 % numbers win. Easy peasy.)
  4. Initial weigh in: You must pay and weigh in by 10:00am Friday January 6th, and submit proof of weigh in to Marc Muhlestein via text at 480-540-5323 or email at Proof of weigh in is simply a picture of you standing on a scale that shows your initial weight. Typically it is a picture of your feet and your weight. This means you can start anytime between now and January 6th.
  5. Honor system. This of course is an “on your honor” challenge. Please wear the same clothes at your final weigh that you wore at your initial weigh in. Please use the same scale to weigh in on both at the initial and at the close. It doesn’t matter where you go to weigh in, just use the same scale and dress the same at the beginning as you do in the end.
  6. Final weigh in: Final weigh in must be submitted along with proof of weigh in (i.e. another pic of you on the scale showing the number) by February 24th. This will be a 7 week challenge! You can submit your final weigh in anytime as well as long as it is by 10:00am February 24th. And you can start anytime between now and January 6th!

Good luck!


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