BAA 2019 Custom Italian Team Socks


2019 BAA Custom Italian Knit Socks. One size fits all.

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BAA Custom Italian Team Sock – Black with either Neon Yellow or Neon Pink

“We have created our very own private label of cycling apparel manufactured and produced by the bets in the world. Manufactured by the same manufacturer who also makes the Tinkoff Saxo kits, and other notable pro teams. These kits are made with exclusive and top of the line imported Italian fabrics. The bibs are made with an absolutely top of the line chamois. Seriously – these chamois ROCK! We did this to ensure our team and club members have the best possible apparel and only ever have to pay direct cost for them. We love our team and love providing them exceptional apparel.”

-Ben Dodge

Design background. The Inception of the 2019 Kit.

The 2019 Team Kit is an exciting creation of collaboration. The entire team and club members, and spouses, and friends, and so on were all invited to submit kit ideas. Some were submitted on a napkin, hand drawn, while others were computer generated. In the end the BAA executive committee reviewed and voted on all of the kit designs. Ultimately stealing pieces and design elements from many of the submissions to form this year’s rad racing kit. It was intended to be a blend of a classical/classy cycling era with stripes and clean lines, merged into a modern and edgy world. There is subtle patterns hidden in the black portions of the kit- zoom in and explore! There is even hidden artwork inside the pockets. There is a modern edgy feel with a skull and crossbones made out of bicycle parts. Of course the American flag is found in several places as well as with an edgy and classic flare to them. This year we are also making our very own custom socks! Made from a tight knit feel and a special machine to do so from Italy. These socks are unique to our team.

We are proud of these kits, this design, and our amazing team. We look forward to providing them to you and hearing about your experience with them. Come out and ride with us! #BAARACING

Kit Details, and Material Upgrades

Some noticeable upgrades this year. You will note the jersey and the bibs both come with reflective material sewn into the arm and leg cuffs as well as the bottom pocket area. The inseam and leg length is a bit longer. The leg cuffs have more of a grip feel. The arm length is a bit longer as well. The neon yellow and pink stands out from a very far distance against the black bits of the kit. The chamois will be able to be ordered in endurance or pro thickness. Endurance is a bit thicker and more comfortable over longer periods of riding. The material used in this batch will be the same as the Rebellious kits we made for the Race Across France- this material is barely released and super thin. It feels like your cheating just wearing it! The pattern of the jersey and bibs are slightly different and more comfortable, longer, and better fitting. The suspenders on the bibs are new and amazing- they breathe and are completely hidden in the back as well. The grip feel to the legs is awesome and very improved. The kit will be sold in pink and yellow versions as well as sleeveless. There are no cycling shorts options, just bibs.


Sizing is one size fits all. The bigger your foot the more thin the sock ends up being… This is the first time we are trying these socks. Not sure yet how we feel about them. At least they are cheap. 😉

Turn Around Time

Each kit is custom ordered and made for you. We open the store for a short time period (usually a week or two) and then we close it and submit one large order. From the date we close the team store and submit your order it is usually about a 5-6 week turn around time. Plan accordingly.

NOTE: Please make sure to add shipping unless you intend to pick it up here in Mesa AZ at BAA Head Quarters.



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Neon Pink, Neon Yellow


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