2020 BAA Triathlon Shorts


BAA Triathlon Shorts! These exclusive tri shorts match our 2020 Cycling team gear. Limited order. Get yours now.

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2020 BAA Triathlon Shorts

“We have created our very own private label of cycling apparel manufactured and produced by the bets in the world. Manufactured by the same manufacturer who also makes the Tinkoff Saxo kits, and other notable pro teams. These kits are made with exclusive and top of the line imported Italian fabrics. The bibs are made with an absolutely top of the line chamois. Seriously – these chamois ROCK! We did this to ensure our team and club members have the best possible apparel and only ever have to pay direct cost for them. We love our team and love providing them exceptional apparel.”

-Ben Dodge

Design background: The Inception of the 2020 Edition of the BAA Racing Kit.

Our triathlon kits are taken directly form our 2020 Cycling team kit. The 2020 BAA Kit is simply classic. Months of designing, and redesigning went into this years racing kit. Influenced by a European look and feel, it combines classic clean lines. An overall “less is more” approach, this kit is impressive with as much as it leaves off, as well as what creative elements survived the final draft. With a sleek black base color combined with colors we all know and love in the BAA family- this kit POPS! Be seen out there. That is what we always do with our high visibility kits. This year is no different, in how the high vis colors contrast against the black. Made with the most incredible material we have found in Italy, these kits breathe and breathe some more. No hesitation in wearing this kit in the dead of summer.

The Chamois Pad: The chamois pad is a triathlon chamois and mean to be thin enough to run in and thick enough to still ride your bike with.


Please note that we make these in race fit for a reason. Even our club members who only casually ride will benefit from the comfortable and sleek feel of the material and patterns used in the higher performing race fit edition of the kit. Check sizing carefully and know that when you order your kit you are committing to the size. We custom order your kit for you and can’t simply return it. There are no returns, and we do not carry much in stock. You are welcome to order more than one size if you are unsure. They are meant to snug your body. So if you like it loose then you may want to order a size or two up. See the sizing chart below.

Turn Around Time

Each kit is custom ordered and made for you. We open the store for a short time period (usually a week or two) and then we close it and submit one large order. From the date we close the team store and submit your order it is usually about a 5-6 week turn around time. Plan accordingly.

We custom make our cycling gear and do not keep it in stock. We will indicate on our store if a particular item is “in stock” or “back ordered.” You may buy any of gear at anytime, however if it is “back ordered” then you must wait for our next batch order. We submit the our custom gear orders to our manufacturer in batches a few times throughout the year. The turn around time is approximately 5 weeks from a batch order submission. Here are the cut off dates and approx delivery dates for our batch orders for the next season:

  • Cut Off: October 9th 2019  |  Approx. Delivery: November 11th 2020
  • Cut Off: January 16th 2019  |  Approx. Delivery: February 20th 2020
  • Cut Off: April 9th 2019  |  Approx. Delivery: May 11th 2020

NOTE: Please make sure to add shipping unless you intend to pick it up here in Mesa AZ at BAA Head Quarters.

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