Ever wonder how those pro’s climb so well? It’s not always drugs… they are in the simplest terms: AMAZING ATHLETES with a very specific skill set. I have been interested in climbing better. My competitive cycling needs some improvement in the climbing area. I trust many of you too may have weaknesses in your cycling skills. For me, with zero room for doubt, it is my climbing ability.

Purely out of selfish reasons I have organized a professional climbing camp with the best professional coaches that Arizona has to offer. It is a one day clinic packed full of 1 on 1 instruction with these pro coaches. My firm is sponsoring this event in connection with Two Wheel Jones. Together we hope to have reduced the cost enough to allow more cyclists this advantageous opportunity at an affordable price point. At the end of the day we will likely just break even. Its never been about the money with this event – purely about the need for speed going up hill!

Register now on active.com while there are still a few remaining spots. This camp is strictly capped to provide quality instruction. It is already about 2/3 full. You can learn more on our website here. get ready to enter the Pain Cave and improve your climbing!

Each cyclist should come prepared to learn and improve no matter how excellent their climbing may already be. Under the close scrutiny of this dedicated coaching staff you will make personal climbing gains in your technique as well including such issues as body position over the saddle, standing and seated climbing positions, proper breathing, and more. The itinerary is killer and very instructive for all skill levels.

The Pain Cave Pro Climbing Camp will include a series of expert mini lectures taught by the coaching staff followed by onsite climbing experiences to instantly apply what has been taught. Such topics will include technique, power, heart rate, cadence,  conditioning, breathing, body positioning, and more. Make sure you are prepared and come with everything that is required for the camp. Spaces are extremely limited. To ensure that each cyclist receives proper and quality time with the professional coaching staff this camp has a 30 cyclist maximum cap and will sell out. The Pain Cave Pro Climbing Camp is $150.00 until June 1st. Price increases June 1st. Click Here to Register Now.

What’s Included?

  • In person training sessions with Pro Cycling Coaches
  • Training Talks with Pro Cycling Coaches
  • Individual Power Analysis with Pro Cycling Coach (provided you bring a power meter)
  • Individual Data Analysis including Heart Rate & Cadence with Pro Cycling Coach
  • Professional Mechanic Support
  • Complete Ride Support with Nutrition and Hydration products
  • Limited Edition Pain Cave Pro Climbing Camp T-Shirt
  • Lunch
  • Pain Cave Pro Climbing Camp discount on Garmin Vector Power Meter Pedals for $749.00 – a $150 off retail (optional)

Click Here to Register Now.