The purpose behind Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC is very simple; we are “An Entire Firm Dedicated to One Purpose. Representing Cyclists.”

The only case we will accept is a case involving a cyclist. The majority of our cases involve bicycle accidents, or bike wrecks with an automobile. However, we represent cyclists – period. We help families of killed cyclists by filing wrongful death claims. We help cyclists who have been wrongfully accused of criminal citations while riding their bikes. We have help cyclists who have been injured in bicycle races. We represent cyclists who have been injured by street defects due to the negligence of city and government maintenance of public roadways. We represent cyclists who have been injured by hit and run drivers. We help cyclists who were in bike accidents trying to avoid being hit by a car, or trying to avoid being doored by a car. In short, we represent cyclists in almost anything that can happen to them while cycling.

As cyclists ourselves, we are lucky enough to find passion in our job. Going to work everyday means we get to do what we love most: ride our bikes, and help other people who ride bikes.