Your baseline test:

Start your ride at the guard shack parking lot where the bathrooms are. Climb at your race pace up to the summit parking lot. ONCE you have arrived at the summit by the radio towers please push the lap button on your Garmin computers. It is very important that you push the lap button so we can easily grab the data we need to submit to the pro coaches in advance of the camp. Make sure to stop and your Garmin and save your ride once you arrive back at the bathroom/guard shack parking lot.

The route is a popular one and can be found on Strava here:

This baseline test can be done at anytime day or night. Just ride it the best you can. Please upload your data to your Garmin connect account and then export it as a .gpx or .tcx file. This file can then easily be emailed as an attachment to our event staff. Instructions on uploading through Garmin Connect can be found here: Instructions on exporting your file can be found here:

Submit your data of the ride via email to the following three address:,,

Detailed info on how to use, calibrate, save, upload, export, etc. data from your Garmin can be accessed locally for this camp through any of the techs at Two Wheel Jones Bicycles in the GILBERT store. Their number is: 480-507-0629.