Check In

Check in is between 5:00-5:25am. The park opens at 5:00am. We highly recommend you get there and get checked in, your bike set up etc. promptly at 5am. The Climbing Camp starts exactly at 5:30am with or without you.


The address for South Mountain Park is: 10919 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85042. When entering the park you will proceed on S. Central past the famous “Guard Shack”. The Guard Shack is the real entrance into the park and there is a small parking lot and a few buildings including restrooms, a visitor center, etc. KEEP DRIVING past the guard shack and make your first right towards the large ramadas. Head Quarters for the Pain Cave Pro Climbing Camp will be based here. There are large shaded ramadas and restrooms available for your use. Plenty of parking, etc. See the detailed map below:

Pain Cave Pro Climbing Camp HQ Map


THIS IS NOT A RACE. The point of this camp is to improve your climbing weaknesses and learn how to climb like a pro. Please pace yourself up the climbs and take advantage of the coaches who will be riding side by side you while you climb offering coaching tips along the way. The route therefore, will not be all the way up to the top of the towers until the 3rd/final/optional climb. The fist two climbs we will turn around at the Dobbins Lookout turn off. You will see a pop up shade there with some water to rehydrate, and take a quick break before descending. Please be careful when turning around, and while on the route in general as we are sharing the road with vehicular traffic. While I doubt too many cars will be on the road that early, please be mindful that we are guests in the state park and we must also obey the traffic rules. Almost every accident in the park is due to a car or a bike or both crossing the double yellow line. This is especially dangerous as there are many blind curves on this road. Be smart, ride safe. The course map is below (except HQ is not shown here):