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In my preparation for the Race Across America (RAW) I have been contemplating how on earth will I sit on a saddle for 928 miles? What is the most comfortable saddle? Naturally I turned to the Ultra Cycling community and asked for their opinions. Without a doubt everyone had an opinion. These cyclists routinely ride for hundreds and hundreds of miles each week and enter races that range from 300-3,000 miles. I was pretty sure that I would take their recommendations seriously.

IMG_5080Eager to learn I was surprised to find out that many ultra cyclists recommended the Selle Anatomica saddle. It is a leather saddle made in the U.S.A. (California) with a unique cut/slit right down the middle of nearly the entire saddle. The leather allegedly conforms to your individual bottom. Further, it has a tension adjustment that allows you as a rider to set the firmness or give of the saddle. I thought that is crazy but sounded cool and worth a try. I was finally sold when I read the comments from other Ultra Cyclists that this saddle feels like a hammock for your butt. So naturally I bought one!

After speaking with a very nice woman over at Selle Anatomica regarding their saddles, and what my riding/race plans were she instantly became very excited and explained to me how many of the RAAM and RAW racers all use their saddle. In fact they have a 2016 sponsored team all in these saddles. I knew I was on to something. She helped me finalize my order and even shipped it to me overnight so I could try it on 129 mile ride to Globe AZ from Gilbert AZ last Saturday. My saddle was ordered Thursday. Arrived Friday. Tested Saturday.

She swore to me that even the first ride would be comfortable and that it only became more and more comfortable with use. Trusting her reassurance I absolutely took it for a spin on a 129 mile bicycle ride with about 7K in elevation gain. What a great test ride, right?

I admit I was a bit nervous to remove my other saddle and place this one in its stead after having paid for one of the best bike fits I had ever received. I didn’t want to screw it up. I took picture after picture and measurement upon measurement to make sure I would put this new saddle in the exact spot as my old saddle. It was trickier than I thought but likely because I spent more time than necessary making sure everything was exact.

I rode it down the street a few times to make some small and fine tuned adjustments in seat angle and forward/rearward position. Finally I felt like I had it in the right place. It was in fact a hammock feeling for my butt. Definitely a different feel than I had ever been accustomed too. It was almost weird. Strange. Sort of just odd. I had my doubts.

Ben Dodge - The Bicycle LawyerThe next morning I met up with some good friends at 3am for our ride out to Globe AZ. It was windy, wet roads from the rain storm which ended only a couple of minutes prior, and did I mention windy and cold? Needles to say the first couple of dark, wet, and cold hours were horrible. I didn’t care for much of anything of this training/test ride for the first several hours. I had anticipated warmer and definitely less wet weather. I was under dressed and borderline miserable.

Finally we made it into Superior and the sun was peaking through the clouds just a bit. The climbing became more intense and then I began to warm up. It didn’t take long to feel comfortable again and then the happiness crept back into the ride. The scenery is pretty cool through that route and the roads are fun to climb and descend. Then I noticed that I had not really felt any negativity in my bottom area. In fact I had been pretty comfortable on the saddle.

In the sunlight my friends could see the classy and classic leather look of the saddle and all started commenting on it. Lets be honest, the old classic leather look is still pretty cool. But more importantly, I was comfortable. Was it the most comfortable saddle my butt had ever sat in? I’m not sure. It definitely wasn’t the worst. I wasn’t sure how an old leather looking saddle would feel, and it certainly felt better than I thought it would. But I can’t say its the best thing I have ever sat on. HOWEVER, it was only the first ride and they supposedly get better and better.

Our ride continued on into Globe AZ. Just before entering Miami and Globe there are a few wonderful descents. I have my compact crank on right now so I spin out fairly quickly as I pedal downhill. Yet, in my last 8 months or so of cycling I have been trying out the more aggressive aero position on the bike where you sit on your down tube with your chest up against your handle bars tucked in as tight and as low as possible. This has been working out very well for me. I feel more and more stable on in this position and my speed gets increasingly faster. My friends can’t often even keep in the draft when I tuck in tight on the down tube. These descents are super fun!


Once we arrived in Globe we refilled water bottles, grabbed a snack, and used the restroom at a Circle K gas station. That seems to be our pattern. My saddle was looking pretty good and my rear end didn’t seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. That was a positive sign. I figured at this point the saddle was a definite maybe for my RAW race in 5 weeks.


By the time we came back into Gilbert and had significant miles and climbing under our belts I was even more convinced the saddle was a good thing. I can recommend this saddle. However, I have a couple of other saddles to try out as well… more to come on the other recommended saddles by the Ultra Cycling community.


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