Everyone loves these mad skills by Martyn Ashton and his friends. I have compiled a video combining 3 of the most popular Martyn Ashton (and friends) videos on the internet. His bike handling skills are tremendous. Its a shame he suffered from an accident and can no longer perform any stunts. Full credit for these 3 videos is given to the original producers. We simply strung them together for your viewing pleasure. Each film is short and only last approximately 5-7 minutes.


The first video is Road Bike Party 1. After millions of views Martyn Ashton began filming Road Bike Party 2 with even more dangerous stunts. In an unrelated accident to filming part 2, Martyn Ashton escaped a fatal outcome but was significantly hurt – he is now a paraplegic in a wheelchair. He could not finish filming part 2. Relying on his good friends Danny MacAskill & Chris Akrigg, Ashton was able to finish the movie in which he invested so much of himself. The more dangerous stunts scheduled for part 2 were never filmed.

The 3rd video in this series is of Danny MacAskill riding “the ridge” on his mountain bike. The footage is unreal. The bike handling skills is something dreams are made of. Enjoy these three short films – they are incredible.