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It is with much tragedy in our hearts that we report the tragic bike crash on Thursday March 3rd in Tucson Arizona, Pima County. According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department a man named Brian Lynch, 28 years old, was driving under the influence when he struck a group of 10 cyclists stopped at a red light. Stopped at a red light! The wreck occurred approximately at 12:30pm in he light of day. Out of the 10 cyclists in the group 5 were struck by Lynch. Clare Rhodes, 72 years old, died at the scene. Kenneth Vieria, 68 years old, died after being transported to the hospital. The other cyclists were transported to the hospital where one remains in critical condition.

Brian Lynch
Brian Lynch

Brian Lynch was arrested for driving under the influence, 2 counts of manslaughter, 2 counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, 1 count of aggravated assault with serious injury and criminal damage.

The bicyclists were reported as members of Santa Fe Seniors on Bikes from New Mexico. All of the cyclists were reported to have been legally in the bike lane.

What can be done in a scenario like this? How can you prevent such an accident from happening? Most of us think we are safe when we are stopped at a red light. Most of us think that during the light of day we can surely be seen and no driver would ever hit us when we are legally in the bike lane stopped at a red light. The answer in my opinion is you are probably right. This is an extremely rare scenario. There is just not much you can do as a cyclist when an impaired driver is behind the wheel. That is exactly what impaired driving results in! This Brian Lynch guy drinks a few too many beers, or consumes drugs, etc. and then drives around and can then not see a group of 10 cyclists stopped at the red light. Did he even see the red light? Who knows.

As a bicycle crash lawyer I have a ton of questions I would love to ask Mr. Brian Lynch. Believe me, you don;t have to go all crazy nuts on a guy like this. He probably already feels guilty. While I am less concerned for how he feels and more concerned for getting to the bottom of how and why he couldn’t see such a decent sized group of cyclists stopped at a red light, I would still line up for some tough questions.

In my experience an impaired or even a distracted driver — i.e. some idiot texting while driving — in their 2 ton truck is no match for a bicyclist or even a group of bicyclists whop are simply vulnerable to the decisions of the drivers who are supposed to share the roads with us cyclists. This is a terrible and tragic experience that leaves me personally disturbed and deeply saddened. I hope that out of this tragic bike crash at least some justice can be served, some reform in bicycle legislation can be reached, some deeper awareness by other drivers can be obtained. My heart and prayers are with the families and victims of those who were so tragically affected by this bike wreck.

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