I’m lucky enough to be in Austin Texas this weekend at the 1st annual Bike Law Summit. I’m proud to be a member of Bike Law. Bike Law is a national network of Bicycle Accident Attorneys founded in 1998. I believe the culture of cycling is summed up pretty good in the “Manifesto” below. Great concept. Follow us on Twitter for racing and cycling updates: @bikelawben

This is the “Manifesto“:

“We agree:

1) We are cyclists because we love to ride, and everybody who loves to ride is a cyclist.

2) Nothing else allows us the independence, pleasure, and power to move so far, so fast, with so little effort.

3) Cycling is not suffering. Hunger and the plague are suffering. Cycling is a joy, even when it’s hard.

4) A cyclist is more than a motor. Skill and elegance are earned.

5) Ride everyday.”