Hey champs!

It is time to redesign the BAA racing kits. Our executive team committee would love to review any ideas from you! We understand that collectively everyone can contribute to an even greater kit idea and overall look. Furthermore, if your idea is the winning submission as voted upon by the committee then you will receive a FREE kit!

Here are the rules:

  1. Must incorporate the BAA branded hazard stripes (currently on our sleeves) – use them, design them, and place them how ever you feel your creative talent dictates. Just be sure they are on there somewhere and visible.
  2. Must use high vis colors somewhere on the kit. Preferably the high vis neon yellow/green we have been famous for.
  3. Must include the BAA Logo.
  4. Should prob include: BAA RACING somewhere on there as well.
  5. Must leave pockets available for sponsor logos.
  6. Must include the US Flag Somewhere, big or small- currently on the sleeve but of course maybe you can find a better place… (any color, black and greyed out flag also cool).
  7. Must be submitted via email to ben@bikeaccidentattorneys.com no later than July 15th!

Have fun. Be creative. Be edgy (hidden patterns or tattoo feel) or be conservative. Be funny or be bold. Be classic or be modern. Whatever floats your boat. Let’s see what you come up with. Historically, both the Race Team and the Club wear the same kit. We love that. Everyone on the same page and on equal ground. Once approved we may do some one offs or various color combinations of the winning kit if there is an interest, as well as some sleeveless versions if there is an interest.

p.s. Hand drawings on napkins are fine as well (just not likely to really get your full vision – but submit a picture of your drawing via email, or better yet- use a computer and render it that way if you can. Either way get us your vision and lets see what we can create together!

GOOD LUCK! We can’t wait to see what you submit.

Logo Files Are Here:





PSD Template File – for those of you with mad Photoshop skills here is a template file form our Rebellious Kits. You would definitely need to remove the Rebellious kit artwork, but underneath is the kit template that would work for your skill set. This is all we have – if it is not in your wheelhouse then draw on a napkin! lol Thanks everyone:

Jersey: cta-rebellious-curvas

Bibs: pta-rebellious-curvas

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