We all know someone who has been run off the road, or worse hit and the driver just carries on as if our lives as cyclist are infinitely inferior to those of the drivers. Of course cyclists lives matter! Yet, it doesn’t always seem so when a bike wreck actually happens. I often encounter drivers who fled the scene, or drivers who are absolutely certain it is the cyclists fault that their car(s) hit them. I have seen countless police officers inappropriately or unknowingly issue citations to cyclists when a car has struck the cyclist. I have seen an innumerable amount of cases where the insurance company fights to the death (no pun intended) defending the illegal and careless driving behavior of their clients. I have been involved with many bike crash cases where the cyclist has been struck unconscious and can’t remember what happened. Below is a sample video of a rear facing mounted bicycle camera (Cycliq Fly6):

These are just a small number of very good reasons to ride with a bike camera mounted to your bike. All of the above scenarios could have been resolved more effectively and more quickly had the cyclist been riding with a video camera. They say that the streets of any decent sized city are as close to a “jungle” as we can get when we ride our bikes through them. In fact, you will often hear it described as surviving the “urban jungle.” I believe that surviving the urban jungle comes down to several different issues that can each help protect us as cyclists. Some of them include knowing and following the traffic rules in the jurisdiction that you ride. It may be riding more defensively and more aware of others around you. It could also be important to dress in colors that are contrasting and easy to see. Another is to ride with bike lights day or night, and then of course be sure ot get the ones that blink with a non uniform pattern. All of these are important, but this article will focus on how helpful/important it is to ride with video cameras on your bike.

Cycliq Fly12 1080p HD Action Camera and 400 Lumen Bicycle Light

A video camera canon your bicycle can clear up a ton of unanswered questions or misguided perceptions of what really happened if you get in a wreck. It can capture the bad behavior of both the cyclist and the motorist. In fact, I believe that riding with a video camera heightens your own sense of awareness as a cyclist and you are more inclined to follow the traffic rules. Even just recently I was reviewing some video footage form my rear facing video camera and back light combo unit (the Fly6 by Cycliq) and noticed that I was riding very close to the white line of the bike lane and that some of my friends were crossed over it. During our next ride I made more conscious efforts to be entirely inside the bike lane.

Traditionally the only camera really out there has been the GoPro. The GoPro has an incredible amount of features and capabilities that are certainly not limited to cycling. But then you have to know how to use them or you can end up wasting some money. The upside to the GoPro in my opinion is that it is so versatile in its uses and mounting locations that you can literally capture as much footage from as many different angles as possible. The downside, that every time you use a GoPro, or really any other video camera, you are mounting more and more cameras on your bike. This can add weight to your bike and significantly increase your drag and can be pretty costly.

If you are into effective and simple solutions like me then you would probably fall in love with my new favorite bike light + video camera combo unit. Cycliq has just released a pair of bike lights that are also video cameras. Yep, that’s right, your bike light can also be a video camera. No need for mounting a billion things to your bike. They have a forward facing 400 lumen light and 1080p HD camera unit called the Fly12. And then they have the rear facing 720p HD action camera and bike light called the Fly6. Together these bike lights have your back and your front! They are offer incredible video quality and astoundingly long lasting battery life.

Cycliq Fly6 – Rear facing 720p HD Action Camera and Bicycle Light

My absolute favorite part about the Cycliq Fly 12 or Fly6 is that I just simply charge them and use them like bike lights. They just happen to also be recording everything as I ride. They have continuous loop recording technology so you never have to worry about your sd card maxing out on memory and your video footage just stopping. It simply starts recording the older footage and keeps going. This way you just charge it like your typical bike light and use it every ride like normal. Only remove your sd car or plug your light into your computer when you want to pull off the footage and review it.

The Fly12 forward facing light also integrates into strava and can display your speed, heart rate, and other info in the bottom of the video screen. Pretty cool. Plus the Fly 12 has an app for you to connect to it from your smart phone and edit settings or even preview footage. Just dang cool.

Now I ride with the Fly12 and Fly6 every ride as my bike lights. I simply charge them like my old lights and I’m off for my ride knowing that I have video footage in front and back. So cool.

You can review all of the facts, technical data, and even sample video footage on their website at: https://cycliq.com/

Arizona bicycle crash and bicycle accident lawyer Ben Dodge

Ben-&-BikeA bicycle crash is not always an accident. If you, or someone you know were injured in a bicycle crash or accident caused by a road hazard or dangerous road condition, hire a personal injury attorney who is experienced and has a successful track record. Ben Dodge, a licensed bicycle accident lawyer in Arizona, has dedicated his entire firm to one purpose: representing cyclists. Bicycle accident cases are the only cases Bike Accident Attorneys, PLC handles. Home based out of the great state of Arizona, Ben can still help cyclists in the entire United States. Ben also founded Bike Accident Attorneys Network, a national network of attorneys who focus on representing cyclists. Ben can find you help anywhere in the country.

Ben Dodge has represented and assisted bicycle accident victims across the entire united states. As an avid and competitive cyclist himself, Mr. Dodge currently participates in national and local cycling events all over the country. It isn’t uncommon to spot him in early morning hours out riding his bike. Having competed in 8 Ironman triathlons, numerous local and national cycling races, and a successful finish in the Race Across the West, 2016, he really knows what it is like to ride and race a bike. The day he fell in love with his job was the day he devoted himself completely to bicycle accident cases.

Ben represents cyclists injured in bicycle accidents, at the police station, with insurance companies, and in the courts. He advocates for the rights of all cyclists, not just his clients. He teaches the police about bike laws and bike safety, he educates drivers about the rules of the road, and he trains cyclists and clubs to ride more safely.

A consultation with experienced Arizona bicycle accident attorney Ben Dodge is free

In recent years there has been approximately 700 bicycle fatalities in the united states every single year. Approximately 2,000 bicycle accidents are reported in Arizona every year. approximately 30 fatal bicycle accidents are reported in Arizona every year. Bicycle fatalities are terrible and horrific tragedies that affect the lives of too many families and friends to count. Understanding your rights and obligations as a cyclist can bring clarity to your specific accident situation. It will always be in your best interest to be represented by an attorney who knows the bicycle laws and has a successful track record of winning bicycle accident cases. The negotiation tactics and strategies of winning a case are extremely important but should always take a back row seat to the litigation experience and knowledge of court room rules, local, state, and federal rules of civil procedure that can have significant impact on your bicycle accident case. It is wise to be represented by someone well versed in bicycle accident law, local and state bicycle ordinances, rules, regulations, policies, and laws. You should hire someone very familiar with negligence and tort law, civil procedure, and the rules of evidence as they all relate specifically to bicycle accident cases.

Ben Dodge always offers a complimentary in person consultation to all local cyclists and a complimentary phone consultation to any cyclist injured in a bike accident. Typically the consultations are schedule from 30-60 minutes depending on the severity of the accident. You can expect to get answers to questions, clarity, information, and reassurance of your personal bike accident liability and potential for recovery. In your free consultation you can generally expect to discuss such topics as:

  • your specific bike accident details, diagrams, and pictures from your perspective and then from the perspective of your bike accident attorney.
  • the applicable local, state, and federal laws underlying your case.
  • your cyclist’s rights, obligations, and any potential liability.
  • the process, procedure (in and out of court), and the time frame required to conclude your case.
  • the value of your case and what you might expect as compensation.

You can call Arizona bicycle lawyer Ben Dodge of bike accident attorneys, PLC at 1.855.663.3922. Mr. Dodge’s staff is standing and ready to accept your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every single day of the year. Ben will personally return your call within 24 hours. there is never an obligation for a complimentary consultation with Mr. dodge. His passion is in representing cyclists and his entire office stands ready to serve with kindness and patience.

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