Tucson Arizona – Ranked 6th Best Cycling City in the U.S. by the Travel Channel. For most of us native Arizona cyclists, it comes as no surprise that Tucson Arizona is nothing short of awesome in the cycling world. Why else would professional cyclists winter here? It can’t be just the weather. Here is why our own super-town Tucson Arizona ranks so high, in my opinion and an opinion now shared by the Travel Channel:
1. Tucson is a desert oasis. Tucson is a fantastic city rich in culture and truly an oasis in this great southwest desert. The city has over 700 miles of designated bikeways. That is more bicycle infrastructure than any other city in the entire United States. What other desert town pops up and provides such beautiful bikeways designated just for cyclists? The city is host to Perimeter Cycling Association, an organization that proudly puts on cycling events throughout Arizona. Their champion event is the El Tour de Tucson every November. This event alone has one of the largest positive economic impacts and revenue generation for the entire county. There are typically 8,000-12,000 cyclists in attendance every year, and their friends and family often come along wither to race in this great 100+ mile classic tour around Tucson. In many many ways, Tucson truly is an Oasis in the desert – providing cyclists with relief and opportunities.
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2. Tucson is home to Mt. Lemmon, and other world famous climbs. Of the top 100 Toughest Road Bike Climbs in the U.S., three are here in Tucson with the grand champion Mt. Lemmon ranking 33rd on the list (ranked by John Summerson in “The Complete Guide to Climbing by Bike”). Mt. Lemon is commonly ranked as “hors category” or “category 1” on the scale used to rank climbs in the European stage racing. At anytime during the year, but especially in the fall and spring months, a cyclist will encounter fellow cyclists from all over the world. The climb to the Summit is approximately 23 miles and 6600 feet of elevation gain. It’s a notch in the belt of any cyclist and one of the favorite training rides for Lance Armstrong.

3. Epic Mountain Biking. Surrounding the desert Oasis of Tucson is a myriad extremely cool mountain biking trails literally in the nearby mountains and/or in the desert pathways. The interconnected mountain bike trails offer something for everyone including the beginners, the intermediate riders or even our very own advanced riders. These trails are truly epic.

These are just three amazing reasons of many as to why our very own Tucson is ranked as the 6th best cycling city in the U.S. Congrats to us! Tucson rocks. If you have not yet been to Tucson and enjoyed the cycling culture, trails, climbing, designated bike paths, and more – then you are truly missing out on one of the best cycling experiences in America. We love Tucson Arizona cycling!

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